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June 25th, 2024: What is LipiData? Who is behind it? Is our data credible? And what can we do for you? Find out on our "About Us" page.

What is LipiData?

LipiData is a global online pedigree database for purebred Lipizzaner horses. We believe that the information required for informed breeding should be freely and easily accessible to all. LipiData contains pedigree information for thousands of purebred Lipizzaners in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region.

We offer various tools and services for Lipizzaner breeders, owners, and breed associations, including the kinship (COI) calculator, horse sales, stallions at stud, and the global LipiData High Point Competition.

First-time visitors are encouraged to read the frequently asked questions.

Comprehensive Pedigree Information

Search LipiData for thousands of Lipizzaner pedigrees verified against major stud books. Easily identify common ancestors in pedigrees, stallion lines and mare families.

Kinship Calculator

Use LipiData’s kinship calculator to determine the coefficient of inbreeding (COI) for a hypothetical pairing.