About LipiData
LipiData was launched on 11 July 2021 with the goal of providing accurate and comprehensive pedigree information to all Lipizzaner owners, breeders and enthusiasts. Since our launch date, LipiData has expanded from 1,500 Lipizzaners to over 11,000 Lipizzaner pedigrees, and an active social media community. LipiData is getting increasingly more traffic, experiencing up to 150 unique visitors a day, with many of our users coming back time and time again.

The motivation behind the creation of LipiData was the lack of open and accessible, accurate pedigree and breeding information. Through the implementation of LipiData, users freely and easily access verified pedigrees and calculate inbreeding coefficients, on any device they wish - mobile, tablet, laptop or PC - LipiData works everywhere.

LipiData was built from the ground up, and everything you see on the site has been custom designed with the Lipizzaner enthusiast in mind. Many of our features exist because of our users and we continue to develop the site in line with what our users need.

Can you think of something to make your LipiData experience better? Do you think we need more search options? Perhaps a different way to filter or display horses? Let us know! Email enquiry@LipiData.org and let us know your ideas.

Who is behind LipiData

LipiData is a registered Australian small business that is co-owned and managed by two young professionals in the software engineering and information management/statutory space.

The face of LipiData is Nikki Harding, an Australian Lipizzaner enthusiast who has been involved in the Australian Lipizzaner community since 2009 and is currently Studbook Registrar for the Lipizzaner Association of Australasia.

Nikki has been a civil servant for the better part of the last decade. She works in regulated statutory spaces including freedom of information, privacy and legislative policy. LipiData is an extension of Nikki’s expertise in the management, regulation and dissemination of government information.

A first generation Australian with strong ties back to the Netherlands, Nikki travelled to the Netherlands, France and Belgium in May 2024 to meet Lipizzaner breeders and owners. It became apparent during this time the unique challenges Lipizzaner breeders are facing in the smaller Lipizzaner breeding countries. Armed with new knowledge, Nikki is hoping to further develop LipiData in a way that is meaningful to smaller breeders.

Nikki holds a Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics) and a Bachelor of Laws.

Advisory Board

LipiData is extremely thankful to have access to people who are the best in their fields to provide us with advice and direction.

  • Mr Atjan Hop - historian, pedigree and mare family expert
  • Mr Hans Krutzler - genetics and inheritable traits
  • Mrs Louise Krutzler - Australian Lipizzaner expert and inheritable traits
  • Ms Amanda Klaassen - Australian Lipizzaner expert and strategy
  • Ms Julie Brown - marketing and strategy

  • Data integrity

    We are very passionate about our data and its integrity. We believe that the validity of our data is paramount to the future of LipiData, and the breed more widely, therefore we take it very seriously. The data used on the site is gathered from studbooks, credentialed databases and breed association records.

    LipiData employs a staff member to cross-reference and check our data across multiple studbooks and find inconsistencies. Through this work, LipiData has realised that there are large inaccuracies and inconsistencies within studbooks and between studbooks – including studbooks considered to be highly reputable. This has led LipiData to have to “draw a line in the sand” and decide how to manage these discrepancies. These inaccuracies and inconsistencies include names of horses changing between studbooks, changing studbook numbers, and discrepancies, particularly in historical pedigrees, in dates of birth and breeders.

    The logic LipiData has applied to these cases:

  • We consider the studbook the horse was born into to hold the correct and priority information pertaining to that individual horse
  • We give priority to the information contained in Lipica and Piber studbooks and records
  • If we receive information from leading expert in the field, Mr Atjan Hop, we will consider that information as correct

  • Where possible, LipiData will cite its sources and, if the horse has been cross-checked, a tick will be displayed on the horse’s page notifying of this. LipiData is always willing to make corrections. If you spot an error, submit a correction here, or email us at enquiry@LipiData.org.

    Whilst LipiData takes its data extremely seriously, LipiData accepts that it is ultimately the responsibility of breed associations to come to a mutual agreement as to how to manage inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and discrepancies. Until such a time as LipiData is advised how to manage these in line with breed association standards, LipiData will maintain its data in accordance with the above.

    What we can do for you

    With LipiData the possibilities are endless, but here are a few things to get you started:

  • Kinship calculator (COI)
  • Forward breeding planner
  • PDF studbook creation - contact us to discuss your needs
  • Association management functions - make your breed association paperless with LipiData. Contact us to discuss your needs
  • Lipizzaners for sale
  • Stallions at stud
  • Global High Point Competition - you don't need to be a professional rider to enter, it's all about the promotion of our amazing breed

  • Supporting the community

    LipiData is keen to support the international Lipizzaner community and is accepting requests for sponsorship. Email enquiry@LipiData.org with the details of your request including the dates of your event and the type of sponsorship you are looking for (ie, merchandise, trophy rugs, advertising).

    LipiData co-founder, Nikki Harding, and 232 Favory Fecske II - photo Bec Irwin Photography