Road to the 2024 Paralympics
Martina's story
photo courtesy of Martina Benzinger
LipiData is proud to be following the journey of German rider Martina Benzinger as she attempts to qualify for the European Championships in Riesenbeck 2023, and eventually the 2024 Paris Paralympics with her Lipizzaner mare, Nautika-74. Martina and Nautika compete together in Para Dressage Grade I, having been a team since 2021. A highlight of the the pair's career occurred in September 2022 when Martina and Nautika were number 3 in the world rankings for Para Dressage Grade I. An exceptionally special mare, Martina says that Nautika fights for them both.

Martina will be providing the LipiData community with a behind the scenes look at what it takes to compete at the top level. We hope you enjoy following Martina and Nautika's road to the 2024 Paralympics.